The Imitarium (2012) is an interactive, audio-visual sculpture that melds theatre technologies from the Victorian era to the present day to create a magical audience experience. Audiences peer inside to manipulate and interact with miniature hologram-like figures. Drawing heavily on the aesthetics of the coin-operated arcade machine from the 1970s and ‘80s, the interactive artwork is re-imagined here as game play, the visual language of the arcade machine providing a tangible and recognisable interactive interface.
The first iteration of The Imitarium featured the mediatised performance, noir-in-a-box (2013), made in collaboration with victor noir – a (now defunct) multimedia, experimental collective. As a critical parody of TV talent-shows, this piece invites the audience to sympathise with and support a particular performer, voting through an interactive interface in order to appoint them as the winner. This piece aims to raise questions about the role of interactive popular entertainment in contemporary culture, as well as the possibility of an authentic live experience in a heavily mediatised world.The Imitarium was developed as part of an AHRC funded Masters in Theatre and Performance undertaken at Lancaster University (2012-13). Further AHRC funding saw new content developed in collaboration with The Creative Exchange at Lancaster University – showcased in London at the AHRC Creative Economy Showcase event in March 2014. This work has also been shown at The Royal College of Art, London, as part of London Design Week.
I am always interested in collaborating on new content to appear within The Imitarium.  If you would like to discuss such opportunity, please contact me.


Previous shows:

-> The Old Windmill, Lytham -> July 2014
-> Open arts festival, Peter Scott Gallery, Lancaster University -> June 2014
-> London Design Week, The Royal College of Art, London -> September 2014
-> AHRC Creative Economy Showcase event, London -> March 2014
-> Beacons Festival -> Friday 16-18 August 2013
-> Lancaster University -> 7-10 July 2013

This project has received funding from the AHRC, Lancaster Arts at Lancaster University and Lancashire County Council.