I made a boo-boo and deleted pretty much all the site content – and no, before you wonder, I didn’t make a backup. Until I get a chance to add some more content, here’s some info about what I do ->

I’ve spent the majority of my working life in the arts as a musician – most of the time in a fully-fledged DIY sense and sometimes at the hands of record companies – I preffer/ed the DIY times – making everything – from the music to the artwork; from the recording and filming to the releasing; from booking the gigs and tours; making the t-shirts and selling them. Alongside those musical shenanigans I’ve gained a degree in Computer Science, a Masters in Theatre and Performance (AHRC funded), and worked as an arts technician (for the most part at folly – a lancaster-based digital arts organisation) – not only to keep the wolves at bay, but as a way of engaging in the arts from ‘behind the scenes’ – an invaluable perspective in any walk of life.

The work I now make combines all these things, primarily encompassing live performance, sound, video, electronics and computer coding. I tend towards producing interactive works – not only do I want to make things that are fun to experience or play with, I’m interested in how such art can be used to examine the complex relationships between people, technology and science; engage with questions about democracy, collective action and to consider the politics of interactive/participatory art. Furthermore my works often manipulate scale and space, and reveal that which is hidden, forgotten or effaced.

Over the years I’ve collected/rescued a shedload of old bits and piece; I mix old and new technologies, but love squeezing new potential from the old – and as a way of contesting the problem with a lot of innovation culture, that can tend to drive landfill sentiment.  In line with this, I draw a lot of inspiration from the cinema from my childhood, and beyond, and find those old characters, stories and objects that inhabit those diagetic spaces inspirational. In my bands and beyond I’ve worked with a host of people and continue to believe in the creative potential of collaboration.

Here are the plotted highlights of my creative life.



April-May: Installation: The Imitarium: Content in collaboration with victor noir: Exhibited at Morecambe Vintage Festival, The Winter Gardens, Morecambe, UK

April: Immersive Performance: The Ghost Box: First Friday, Lancaster, UK (venue to be announced on evening of performance): funded by Lancaster Arts Partnership.

March: Installation: Deathless Love – 5-Channel Documentary Video: Exhibited at the Videotage Booth, Art Basel, HongKong.

Feb – July: Installation: Deathless Love – 5-Channel Documentary Video: Exhibited at Centre for Chinese Contemporary Art (CFCCA), Manchester, UK.

Jan-present: Formed Dangermoose: improvised audiovisual experiments: w/ Bruce Bennett, …



November: Immersive performance: The Ghost Box: Light Up Lancaster, UK.

October: Immersive performance: The Ghost Box: Lancashire Encounter festival, Preston, UK: Co-Commissioned by Light Up Lancaster, Lancashire Encounter festival and Lancaster Arts at Lancaster University.

October: Workshop: ‘Sharing The Stage':  For young adults on sound and video design for performance/theatre: co-delivered with Imitating the Dog, with Ockham’s Razor, and Contact Theatre, Manchester, UK: at Factory Youth Zone, Moston, Manchester, UK.

May: Production of 5-Channel Video Documentation of Deathless Love by Li Binyuan: Commissioned by Centre for Chinese Contemporary Art (CFCCA), Manchester, UK and Salford University, Salford, UK: Shot at CFCCA, Manchester, UK.

January: Exhibition: Scrutinise: collaboration with artist Paul McDevitt for his Hunker Down exhibition: Peter Scott Gallery, Lancaster University.


September: Installation: The Imitarium: Content produced in collaboration with The Creative Exchange, Lancaster University: Exhibited as part of London Design Week at Royal College of Art, Battersea, London, UK: funded by The Creative Exchange, Lancaster University and The RCA, London.

June: Film score: Chance: Short film by Joe Carter: funded by Creative England.

May-June: Installation: The Imitarium: Content produced in collaboration with victor noir: Peter Scott Gallery, Lancaster University (part of Open arts festival) and The Old Lifeboat Station, Lytham St.Annes, UK: funded by Lancaster Arts at Lancaster University, Lancashire County Council.

March: Installation: The Imitarium: Content produced in collaboration with The Creative Exchange: Kings Place, London – Part of the AHRC Creative Economy Showcase: funded by The Creative Exchange, Lancaster University and the AHRC.


November: Workshop: For young adults on sound and video design for performance/theatre: co-delivered with Imitating the Dog: Tblisi, Georgia: funded by the British Council.

November: Installation: Signs and Signifiers: Light Up Lancaster, UK: produced in collaboration with Imitating the Dog: commissioned by Light Up Lancaster.

August: Installation: The Imitarium: Beacons arts and music festival, Skipton, UK.

March: All Time is Happening Now – performer/videographer as part of durational live-performance: by KOVOROX AKTION GROUP: Glasgow, Scotland, UK.

Jan-June: Design and development of The Imitarium – an interactive audiovisual installation/platform: funded by the AHRC as part of an MRes in Theatre and Performance


July-August: Dark Corners of The Land – sound installation/text/pin-hole photography: Collaboration with victor noir & Darren Andrews: The Dukes Gallery, Lancaster, UK (I was responsible for audio production & installation).


May: Durational improvised live-audiovisual-performance: noir-in-a-church: Collaboration with victor noir: St. Johns church, Lancaster, UK.

Previous Musical Collaborations

During this period, excepting a period when I was signed to Warner Brothers, I worked mainly in a DIY fashion as a singer/guitarist/songwriter in several bands/arty-outfits. Highlights include: recording, producing and releasing music in the UK and Italy, producing many promotional materials, including videos, t-shirts, artwork etc, receiving plays on BBC Radio 1 & 6, VH1 and MTV, playing live shows and touring internationally – including (some of my favourite) shows at: The Astoria, London; Leeds Carling Festival; Manchester Academy 3; NXNE Festival, Toronto, Canada – NOT forgetting The Yorkshire House in Lancaster, UK.

2010-2013: victor noir: audiovisual collaboration (w/ Brigit McWade, Darren Andrews, Dickie Fusco and Nicholas Camm).

2003-2010: The Adventures of Loki (w/ Brigit McWade (bass, vox) & Rachel Parsons (drums))

1997-2000: Fifty Heads Wide (w/ Peter Rawlinson (bass, vox), Matt Senior/Tony Holt (drums))

1993-1997: Phobophilia (w/ Lee Cummings/Peter Rawlinson (bass, vox), Brian Pugh/Andrew MacCombie (drums))


2012-2013: AHRC funded MRes Theatre and Performance (distinction), LICA, Lancaster University, UK.

2001-2004: BSc (hons) Computer Science (1st Class): Lancaster University, UK.



I am grateful to have received funding and support from the following: Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC), Lancaster Arts at Lancaster University, Light Up Lancaster, First Fridays (Lancaster Arts Partnership), Lancashire County Council, The Creative Exchange at Lancaster University, Preston – Lancashire Encounter festival, Salford University and Centre for Chinese Contemporary Art (CFCCA), Manchester.